Advanced Blackjack Strategies

Hi, I’m Renny and today I’m covering some advanced BlackJack playing options and strategies!

In that video, we covered four basic playing options: hitting, standing, doubling down and splitting. In this video, we’re talking moves that help minimize your losses when your hand is bad news bears (like when it totals 16) and the dealer’s hand seems legit (like when the face up card is a 9, 10, face or Ace). The first option is to surrender, which means recovering half your bet and giving the other half to the house.

Another option is to take insurance, which means to make an additional bet that the dealer has blackjack. Do this if and before the dealer checks the “hole card.” The maximum insurance bet is half the value of your original bet so that if the dealer has blackjack, you break even. But be warned: at over 7% house advantage, taking insurance is rarely a smooth move. Adopt a strategy to up your chance of winning and cut the house advantage down to 0.5%.

Basic strategy compares your move options and their effects on your winning odds in a big chart. S is ‘Stand’, H is ‘hit’, Dh is ‘double or hit’, Ds is ‘Double or stand’, SP is ‘split’ and SU is ‘surrender.’ It bears common practices in mind, like: never split double tens, and always split eights and Aces. Find it online, memorize it, apply it and you’ll be thanking us. Card-counting is a more advanced strategy that involves evaluating the types of cards that remain in the deck and adapting strategy accordingly. When lots of tens and aces remain in the deck, the odds tend to favor the player. When the remaining cards are mostly small cards, they favor the dealer.

The house will always have a slight advantage over the player. But the fact that BlackJack involves skill and strategy – in other words, more than just luck – makes it the cheapest casino game with the most potential for profit. So brush up on your skills and strategies and head to Online Casinos Canada for the best online casinos…in Canada! Oh, and check back soon for more videos to help guide you through the kickass casino selection with me – Renny!

Happy betting, my Canadian brethren – and good luck!